Homebuilt Teardrop Shop/Carport

I decided to do a homebuilt carport in our back yard because I needed a place to build my teardrop trailer, and a place to store the trailer when it was completed.

Being in Tucson, I really had no need for a completely enclosed work place. I just needed some protection from the sun. And in fact I prefer to work outside. I wanted to build something that would last and not cost a ton. So I decided to do a pole building, with a galvanized steel roof and sided with shade cloth.

Rented Post Hole DiggerAfter buying lumber I started by constructing each of the wall sections, and the center section. Then I rented a gas powered post hole digger.

There is a concern about termites in Tucson, and I would have preferred to use steel poles. But steel prices were way too high. So I got treated wood, and then tarred them. Later on I also plan to treat the area around the poles with a chemical termite insecticide. I decided not to cement the poles in because from my research I discovered that more often than not with wood posts the cement just traps water next to the wood and they rot out quicker.

I put the wall sections up first. Then I added 2x4 cross braces. Then I screwed on the roof. I designed this double carport the right size so that I would not have to cut any of the galvanized steel roofing pieces.

Homebuilt Pole Building Carport

It all went up surprisingly quick. I then got a great deal on shade fabric and covered three sides of it. I put about three inches of nice gravel rock down as a floor.

As you can see in the pictures above I also used the carport as one attachment point for a big sailshade for our backyard enjoyment. I am pretty happy with the results. The picture below shows it almost completed. It is only missing the dark brown wood stain that came later. Staining the wood is what actually took the longest. I wish I would have stained all the wood before I had constructed it. It would have been far easier.

So there it is. A place to construct my teardrop trailer in. And a place to store the teardrop and another vehicle.

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