Homebuilt Teardrop Trailer
My Construction Journal

Why a homebuilt teardrop trailer anyways? I think one day I was watching the Price Is Right game show and in one of the showcases there was a Little Guy teardrop being offered. I had been thinking about getting an RV and truck, and in the past I had encountered the idea of the teardrop trailer.teardrop design So within a couple of minutes I was looking up homebuilt teardrop trailers on the web, and immediately got hooked on the idea of going homebuilt.

I just love a project! I like designing things and building them. I like the excuse to buy toys, I mean tools. So I set to it. I have probably been designing this trailer and planning it for almost two years. But now I am finally starting to build it. I hope you enjoy watching the process here.

What are the benefits of a homebuilt teardrop trailer?
Basically a teardrop trailer is considered a step up from tent camping. You get a real bed and a kitchen that you don't have to put up and take down. Plus you can add in a lot of other conveniences, from water heaters, microwaves, to a flat screen TV if you are so inclined.

Plus if you make your homebuilt teardrop trailer light enough, you can tow it with a car or small truck, and so you don't pay the fuel costs of hauling a big RV. A homebuilt teadrop also costs much less to build or buy than a truck and RV.

But I certainly did not choose a homebuilt teardrop trailer, instead of buying a new one, to save money. Wanting to build a teardrop was one of the main reasons I bought my first house (so I could have a place to build it). And then one of the first things I had to do at the new house was to build a double carport to construct the teardrop in (and house it in after it is finished). So no money saving going on. But lots of fun.

Why is my teardrop trailer design so different looking?


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  • This building project is on hold. If all goes well I will pick up work again on it in 2015 and get it done by the end of the year.