About Galen
Novice Teardrop Builder

I grew up in THE household of do-it-yourself. My father is a welder, my mother is a knitter/seamstress, and my older brother an engineer.

So building things myself is in the blood.

This can be a problem.

Sometimes you should just buy new stuff. Or get a professional to do it for you. I have to be careful about what I decide to tackle. My wife has helped re-train me.

And really I did not get the building bug until I was about 18 and became an active sailor. I desperately wanted a Farrier trimaran sailboat. But there was no way I could afford one. So I forced myself to learn about boat design and designed a small 23 foot trimaran sailboat myself and then built it. It worked. I sailed for months up the inside passage of Washington State and Canada in my little ugly duckling.

Doing that sailboat project I really had to develop my builder's imagination. And what a valuable skill that has been throughout my life.

oarling doryBesides that trimaran sailboat I also built a wonderful Sam Devlin Oarling rowing dory from plans.

But with this teardrop trailer I will have done more thinking and planning before building of any project ever. It really is done and built in my head and on paper. Not that I have figured out every detail. I will need to decide on tons of stuff as I go.

What else about me? I love good tools. They make such a difference in how much frustration and sweat I have to put out.

I am an avid outdoors person, loving to walk and hike in beautiful places. I have also been involved in landscape photography for many years.

One of my big projects right now is the creation of a world wide tropical snorkeling guide. My wife and I travel several times a year to great snorkeling sites and are creating this website: www.tropicalsnorkeling.com


Galen Piehl
Tucson, AZ