Arc Welding 1 DVD Review

This is my Arc Welding 1 DVD review. I bought Arc Welding DVD 1 & 2 from Northern Tools. I had read good reviews online and since I was teaching myself and was not paying for instruction I figured it was worth the price to give them a try.

Arc Welding 1 DVD ReviewAnd I was right. Although for folks who are only learning to weld to put a teardrop frame together, I would not bother with the Arc Welding 2. It deals more with metal layup for much thicker steel than would be used on a teardrop. It is interesting, but mostly deals with how to lay down multiple passes of weld bead to weld thick materials.

So is the Arc Welding 1 DVD worth the $24.99 for the 45 minute video. Yes. If you are not going to get any training from another experienced welder, I would say it is essentail and well worth the money. For one reason. The instructor shows video of actual weld beads being created, and talks about how to start, stop and to manipulate the molten puddle. I would have been lost without that. Actually seeing how the puddle forms when the weld is being correctly created was great.

So for teardrop builders wanting to learn how to arc weld by themselves I can easily recommend getting Arc Welding 1 DVD, but not don't bother with Arc Welding 2 DVD.

But then again, I now think a gas MIG welder would be the better choice. And the same folks have a video on that as well here.